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Why Choose AMP?

Why Choose AMP Property Management?

We protect the bottom line by combining world class real estate industry expertise, and highly innovative services

“It's much easier to stay out of trouble now than to get out of trouble later.” – Warren Buffett

We adhere to the fundamentals. Like any other investment, real estate is risky. On your own, or perhaps with a less capable firm, you may not be able to lease your property at the price you need, and if you do, - your tenant may not pay their rent. You might also encounter non-leasing risks, such as capital risks. Experienced real estate investors approach acquisitions not simply thinking in terms of the prospective income they'll generate with the property, but the overall riskiness of this income and how to protect it. We are a service business, and provide real estate expertise and property management services to specifically anticipate, address and protect our clients from these risks.

We employ only smart people who love what they do, - and who deliver results. Real estate investment, as opposed to speculation, is the purchase of a property based on its income potential. Property income has two parts 1.) “Yield” and is the income you see while owning the property, and 2.) “Appreciation,” which is the increase in capitalized value of the expected future income, which you'll receive when you eventually dispose of the property. We align your dedicated team and it's capabilities with your investment goals. We develop and execute a personalized strategy for your property designed for optimal property preservation, increased rental revenues, owner protection and liability mitigation.

Alignment: Our unique and professional approach to property management is based on best practices. We have done our homework and believe that we provide our clients with the most specialized, effective and cost-efficient property management services for any property type, or market in the Bay Area, period. We entered this business to succeed by ensuring our real estate investor clients succeed with their investments, and while simplifying their lives through leveraging our world class property management and tenant services.

Best-in-class Property Management Platform and Technology

Our Technology Consistently Puts Us One Step Ahead

Our investment in AppFolio's web-based property management software helps us run a highly efficient and profitable property management business. Our first priority is to provide the most outstanding service to our owners and residents and we are proud to pass on these technological advantages to you:

  • We quickly respond to owners and resident service requests.
    Because our solution is web-based, we can access all of our data from any location and at any time. This allows us to provide outstanding service for our customers. Sensitive information is housed in data centers with the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions.
  • Your monthly owner statement is delivered electronically.
    Easy-to-read owner statements can be sent via email or can be accessed online using our convenient online Owners Portal, saving you time and paper.
  • Maintenance issues are addressed and resolved faster.
    We can communicate with vendors and create electronic work orders to get things fixed quickly.
  • Your payments are sent electronically and securely.
    We use online ACH (electronic payments) to securely deposit your payment into your bank account so you receive the money even faster.
  • Vacancies are filled faster with more online marketing channels.
    With just a few clicks we can post professional vacancy ads to over 100 sites on the Internet, our website, and Craigslist. The ads were designed by a professional designer and stand out from the crowd.
  • Online applications are available for potential residents, making it easier to attract more prospects.
    All vacancy postings include an option for the potential resident to apply online. We avoid all of the time consuming paperwork associated with traditional applications and can fill vacancies even faster.
  • Residents can securely and easily pay rent online.
    Residents love the convenience of paying rent securely online and our team spends less time handling paper checks. Online rent payments are automatically entered into AppFolio and completely integrated with accounting records.