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Property Investment

Investing in Property

We are regularly investing ourselves, and always seeking out new private investment partners to work with. Through our Brokerage we will acquire under-performing Bay Area centric real estate assets at prices below replacement costs, by utilizing our team we provide development and operating expertise to add substantial value to the asset. We will renovate and upgrade these real estate properties, stabilize and increase tenant occupancy and rental rates, provide property management and leasing services, and either flip a property quickly through our expert market disposition capabilities, or we can assist you in holding, managing and divesting of these real estate assets within 4-5 years.

We are also a Property Management Company, and in our business dealings with property investors, we routinely meet and work with investors that are either exhausted from the management headaches from investment properties, or are simply not satisfied with the equity growth or cash flow that they are currently receiving. Many of our investors simply needed to release the “trapped equity” in their existing properties, and re-invest appropriately in properties that better align with their investment objectives. We can help.

Our investment philosophy is simple. Investors should expect high rates of return from their capital investments, but with balanced risk. To accomplish this, you must make highly informed decisions, and we have structured both services and real estate investment opportunities for our clients to do so. We can deliver attractive short term returns, long-term buy and hold and strategies for 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. We can do this through acquiring investment properties that either posses instant returns built directly into the sale of property, profitable resale value after property improvements, or significant appreciation and longevity for long-term returns.

Talk with us. We are some of the foremost experts in our field, and with our broad Bay Area experience and our sub-market knowledge, we consistently obtain winning properties resulting from our specific focus, investment discipline and local market advantage.

Real Estate Advisory

We can provide you with flexible investment products and services designed to fit your strategic diversification objectives, liquidity or 1031 tax deferred exchange needs.

I. Fix and Flip Model
The San Francisco Bay Area is an extremely diverse real estate marketplace, constantly bearing new opportunities for savvy and smart property investors. Our residential fix and flip model involves only flipping distressed and under-performing real estate property in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are active in this market on a daily basis, and source homes at substantial discounts to retail value, then renovate and resell on the open market to end-users, and first time home buyers. We effectively act as an operator and asset allocator, placing equity quickly, and directly into the hands of our clients "flipping" transformed real property assets.

As a Broker/Operator we source deals through our network and relationships with other brokers, banks and non-profit foreclosure counselors. It takes a high level of skill, experience and hard work to successfully flip properties and create consistent returns. Our company has mastered the sourcing and acquisition of value-based deals, and correctly projecting resale values, and redevelopment costs. We understand which redevelopment efforts will result in the highest yield on investment, construction management, real estate sales and marketing, as well as management of the staff and the independent contractors necessary to complete the project.

II. Long-Term Buy and Hold Cash Flow Investment Properties
For this offer, we only deal in investment properties that net the greatest returns. This structured offering truly provides the best of all worlds:

  • Close Proximity to Properties
  • Immediate Cash-Flow Income
  • Asset Appreciation
  • Depreciable Income
  • Green (energy savings)
  • Flexible and Inexpensive Debt
  • Secured Properties with Deed of Trust & Title Insurance

This structured offering is designed for our investors to hold for a period of at least three to five years. During this time the investor will be receiving the rent from the tenants of the property over the recommended three to five year period. Our strategy leverages one of the fastest growing asset classes in the investing world and we are able to buy properties at a significant discount with larger cash flow yields than many competitors in this space. Our long term strategy is based on our investors’ personal preferences, goals, risk comfort levels, liquidity needs, cash flow needs and capital requirements. We are currently focused in the San Francisco Bay Area Market of California only, but we are always evaluating other markets.

III. 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange Services
Savvy investors know that Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 provides a vehicle for deferring capital gain taxes while disposing of investment property. 1031 properties must be considered “like kind” (similar in character or nature, notwithstanding differences in quality or grade) in order to qualify for tax deferral. To qualify as like-kind, the investor must hold them for productive use in a business or for the purpose of investment. Types of eligible properties may include:

  • Raw Land
  • Multifamily (Apartments)
  • Single-Family Rentals
  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Non-Resident Single Family Residence

There are many reasons to consider a 1031 Exchange, including:

Equity Preservation: A properly structured exchange can give real estate owners a 100% deferral of both Federal and State capital gain taxes. This essentially equals an interest-free, no-term loan on taxes due until the property is sold for cash. Often the capital gain taxes are deferred indefinitely because many property owners continue to exchange from one property to the next, increasing the value of their real estate investments with each exchange.

Leverage: Many property owners exchange from a property where they have a high equity position, into more valuable property. The larger property can generate more cash flow and provide greater depreciation benefits, and a better overall return.

Diversification: Section 1031 Exchanges offer a great opportunity to diversify assets, whether by diversifying into another geographic region or simply from one property type to another.

Administrative Relief: Some types of property require hands-on management, and that type of responsibility can become burdensome. Exchanging into a property with less maintenance or ongoing management can make good economic sense, especially in the context of a tax-free exchange.

Estate Planning: Sometimes a number of family members inherit one large property and disagree about what to do with it. Some may want to continue to hold the property, while others want to sell for quick cash. By exchanging from one large property into several smaller properties, clients can designate that, after their death, their heirs will each receive a different property, which they can choose to either hold or sell.

The primary advantage in performing a 1031 Exchange is that, through the deferment of capital gains taxes, the Exchangor is able to acquire more valuable and/or more leveraged investment property. If it is the intent of the taxpayer to reinvest the proceeds from one property into another, the 1031 Exchange remains the only vehicle remaining for full tax deferment. Properly structured and administered, an exchange becomes an invaluable tax saving and wealth building tool.

Disclaimer: A professional tax advisor should always be utilized to ensure that all of the requirements of Section 1031 are met. Failure to do this can result in the cancellation of the capital gains deferral and result in immediate tax liabilities and associated penalties.

Buy and Hold

"If I was an investor that was a handy type and I could buy a couple of them at distressed prices and find renters, I think it's a leveraged way of owning a very cheap asset now and I think that's probably as an attractive an investment as you can make now."
- Warren Buffet

Bay Area Residential real estate investments are our niche and we fully understand all aspects of investing in this space. Other real estate investment managers typically venture into too many areas of real estate stretching themselves thin over areas they are not familiar with. Once you purchase one of our properties, our relationship doesn't end there and our investors truly appreciate that they always know what is going on with their investments. Our long term real estate investments pay off by facilitating the acquisition of real estate assets that provide not only long-term capital preservation, but equity appreciation and cash flow that is further insured through our skilled leasing and management capabilities. We provide the following benefits and peace-of-mind to our investors when investing in property for cash flow and long term gains:

  • All of our properties will be within two weeks of acquisition. In many cases, they are already leased at close of escrow.
  • All of our properties are free and clear of any liens and come with a Warranty Deed.
  • All of our properties are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Case Studies
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Fix and Flip

Our Fix and flip service offering creates short term profits consistently through expert acquisition, value-added renovations and disposition.

Our research combines rental occupancy rates, neighborhood statistics, the current real estate market conditions, rehabilitation costs, and economic data when formulating our investment strategies and our properties are never selected on simply speculative, or future value estimates. The properties must pass multiple filters including cash-flow net ROI requirements. Our continued success relies on the success of our products because the cost of property management is built into each properties pro forma.

Case Studies
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